Conference at Kostergården


The Koster islands are perfect for conferences and lectures. The feeling of ”getting away” from the dull workday and experience an unique coastal environment that is still easy to reach and modernly comfortable. Well on the island nothing distracts you except a seagull or a cold beer.

Kostergården offers you diffrent solutions for your meeting depending on the size of the group.

If you planning to stay over night we can accomendate groups up to 30 people. For lectures and meetings we manage up to 100-150 guests depending on arrangement.

All the facilities are situated close to nature and the sea and it is popular to continue the meeting on the beach or outside under the sun in the fresh air.

Kostergården is a newly buildt hotel (2016) and equipped with all the modern technique that are required to facilitate your work.

Kostergården is the perfect place for the day-conference. To travel thru the Koster sea and to visit Sydkoster combined with meeting, food and refreshments creats a day of adventure and intimacy.