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Do you want activities during your conference? It does not matter if your group wants action or enjoy the tranquillity of Koster, we have activities for you. On Koster there are a lot of things to both on land or at sea. If you have questions concerning conferences please mail us: Here are some popular activities: Adventure Golf Come and play adventure golf at Kostergården! Here you find a 12-hole course designed as a miniature Koster. Play thru the church, lighthouses, the Naturum, shipwrecks and much more. There are two different ways to play each hole. Lobster safari Join a fisherman on the rolling waves of Kosterhavet and help him land the cages filled with the “black gold”. The fisherman may share some stories and tall tales with you and tell you about the hard lifestyle and secrets of lobster fishing. This is a real adventure and a glimpse of the real Bohuslän life. Fishing mackerel Come and take in your first mackerel! The mackerel is tasty and really fun fish to fish. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional. The sea of Koster doesn´t leave anyone disappointed. Seal safari Watch the curious harbour seals swim around the boat or sunbathing on the cliffs. Enjoy a guided boat trip in the archipelago of the marine national park of Kosterhavet. You will experience a spectacular marine wildlife and wide variety of birds. Archipelago tours This is a must when visiting Strömstad. Enjoy a guided boat trip thru the islands of Sweden’s West Coast. This is also Sweden’s only marine national park, Kosterhavet. Kayak To silently drift thru the clear water at sea level is something very special. Expect the company of seabirds and harbour seals. This is truly one of the most intimate ways to experience the light, sound and marine surroundings of Kosterhavet. SUP - Stand up paddleboard This is a great alternative to the Kayak. And it is also a great workout. We will arrange a guided SUP-day for you. Hiking This is the best way to explore the Koster islands. Experience the typical wooden houses of Bohuslän and the salty splashed cliffs. Walk on dusty country roads, green leafy forest paths and explore the unique coastal environment. Biking Experience Koster on two wheels. To bike on Koster is a joy for the whole family. Koster is a car free island so all can feel safe riding their bikes on all bigger roads. Just stay clear of the moped tricycles (flakmoped)! Spoil yourself with a peaceful bike ride and discover Koster. At our kiosk you can supply the whole family with treats and food if you want to be gone all day. Guided hiking This is for the person that wants to know more. Hire a guide and get to know the islands history and nature. Running We recommend you to put on those running shoes and tie up the shoelaces and run thru the beautiful nature of Koster on your holiday. There are many marked paths to run and easy to find your way around if you want to run of road. Naturum This is a manned information centre where you as visitor can ask questions about the National park, get maps and find a lot of information about the islands. Naturum is an exhibition with photos, interactive activities and microscopes with which you can study your own beach finds. Naturum also has a patting aquarium where the visitors can observe and touch some of the marine creatures. There are also auto guides in Swedish, English and german free of charge. Visit their homepage for more information and opening hours. For more information please mail us: info@kostergå

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Conference at Kostergården   The Koster islands are perfect for conferences and lectures. The feeling of ”getting away” from the dull workday and experience an unique coastal environment that is still easy to reach and modernly comfortable. Well on the island nothing distracts you except a seagull or a cold beer. Kostergården offers you diffrent solutions for your meeting depending on the size of the group. If you planning to stay over night we can accomendate groups up to 30 people. For lectures and meetings we manage up to 100-150 guests depending on arrangement. All the facilities are situated close to nature and the sea and it is popular to continue the meeting on the beach or outside under the sun in the fresh air. Kostergården is a newly buildt hotel (2016) and equipped with all the modern technique that are required to facilitate your work. Kostergården is the perfect place for the day-conference. To travel thru the Koster sea and to visit Sydkoster combined with meeting, food and refreshments creats a day of adventure and intimacy.

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